How Our Air Filter Systems Save You Money

Energy Savings- FilterFresh has lower filter pressure that allows your Furnace/AC to “breathe” easier resulting in lower energy bills. Think about it!!!- You set your  Heating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) to a comfortable temperature set point. The job of the HVAC is to maintain that temperature. If the filter you are using restricts the air flow, it takes longer for the HVAC to get the temperature back to the set point each time it starts up. The result is a less comfortable temperature and higher energy consumption.  Our filters have up to 30% less pressure loss than typical pleated filters. That means that you have 30%+ more flow when the HVAC is trying to reach its setpoint. Below find a simple calculation of how much you could save in energy using our filters. Your filters may be essentially free just from the savings alone.


A typical HVAC system has three motors associated with each system. The motors are for the outside unit blower, the outside unit compressor, and the inside unit air handling blower. The combined energy usage of these components averages approximately 200 kWh. This usage is based on a pleated filter that has an initial differential pressure of 0.5 INWC (inches water column) when the filter is clean and 1.0 INWC when the filter is dirty. If you install a filter that cleans just as well as the pleated filter but has 70%f of the differential pressure like our filters do, then the savings would be calculated as follows: 

  • A/C Energy Cost with Typical Pleated filter =200 kWh/ton/month x .10 $/kWh= $20.00/ton of A/C  
  • A/C Energy Cost with the FilterFresh Filter= 140 kWh/ton/month x .10 $/kWh= $14.00/ton of A/C 
  • A typical house has at least a 3 ton unit to heat and cool the house. A system using the FilterFresh Air Filter will save approximately $6.00 per ton of A/C. Therefore a typical house will save $18.00/month versus the typical pleated filter   These numbers are very conservative as most houses are paying more per kWh for electricity.

Filter comparison/checklist

Filter Fresh Air

Pleated Filters

Last upto 100 days

Zero Bypass

Gradient Density

Provides  energy savings

Fiberglass free

Catches and kills bacteria , mold , fungus and allergens ( provides cleaner air)

Alleviates stress on HVAC units (pro longs the life of HVAC units)