Our Filters Look Different- Because they are Different

Our Founder, Les Oakley, is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He is considered an industry expert in the field of fluid dynamics and particle science as it relates to the behavior of small solid or liquid particles in air streams. He started his career as a test engineer at the Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill North Carolina. During his time at the Nuclear Power Facility, Les concentrated on state of the art filtration systems that captured radioactive particles in post-accident conditions. As part of his qualification for those responsibilities Les attended classes at Harvard University’s Medical School for Public Health. He received certification for the design and testing of Nuclear Post Accident Filtration Systems. Les left Duke Energy to start an Industrial Filtration Manufacturing and Sales Company. His company concentrated on manufacturing and selling filtration systems that eliminated hazardous aerosols and particulates from industrial processes. Les believed that the workers in manufacturing facilities deserved better working conditions and improving the air quality in these facilities was a significant way of doing this.

Les has the same passion for improving the health and quality of life of people in their own homes. This led to the creation of FilterFresh Air. Les looked practically at all of the features a great home filter should have and created a laboratory to independently verify the filtration qualities he valued most. Our passion for clean air goes hand in hand with the other features a filter should possess. Finally, Les thought that the best filter in the world could not do its job unless the homeowner did his job in changing it out at the proper time. That is when Les created Auto Ship- a subscription service that ships filters to you at the proper time for you to change them out.

Cameron Moye is a second principle in the company and a driving force in taking the company into the 21st century. Cameron graduated with a degree in finance from North Carolina State University and is the finance and marketing manager for the company. He is responsible for guiding the web site SEO as well as bringing Les into the world of social media marketing.

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Our Story

We at FILTERFRESH AIR have been cleaning air for hospitals and large manufacturing plants for years and now we are bringing this superior technology to YOUR HOME AND FAMILY.

The superior design of our filters provide self-sealing edges with zero bypass compared to a traditional filter that allows up to 30% of your homes air to go unfiltered due to their inefficient design.

With FILTERFRESH AIR Graduated Density/Layered technology and antimicrobial treated surface our filters are up to ten times more effective than ordinary filters. They contain no fiberglass and trap up to 95% of the contaminants in your home including harmful bacteria, pollen, lint, mold spores, dust, and pet dander and can keep filtering airborne contaminants for up to 100 days.

Traditional filters simply catch particles on the front face and become clogged very quickly. Our FILTERFRESH AIR design adds multiple layers to the filter making them up to 98.6% efficient while still letting clean air pass easily through so as to not stress your AC and Heater giving them a longer life and YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE FILTERFRESH AIR!