What’s more important than the quality of air we breathe?

FilterFresh Air-Finally a Home Filter  that Provides All of the Benefits that YOU deserve in an Air Filter

Efficiency- FilterFresh Air Filters traps up to 95% of pollen, lint, mold spores, dust and pet dander that enters the filter without using pressure restrictive pleated filter material. The particle size of these most common contaminants are shown below. As a point of reference the period at the end of this sentence is 615 microns in diameter. As you can see from the most common contaminants found in a home listed below, we are very effective at capturing these contaminants.


Dust Mites 

Human Hair  

Face Powder  


Household Dust  

Human Sneeze  

Insecticide Dust  .

Mold Spores 

 Pet Dander  


Skin Flakes  

Size (micron)












Longer Lasting – With our depth loading technology,  FilterFresh filters will last 3 months with no loss of efficiency and without starving the HVAC of its air flow. The filter media is actually a graduated density material. This means that the larger particles are captured on the front layer of the filter while the medium sized particles are captured in the middle gradient, smaller particles on the next gradient and finally the smallest particles are captured on the last layer of filter media.

Energy Savings- FilterFresh has lower filter pressure that allows your Furnace/AC to breathe easier resulting in lower energy bills. Think about it!!!- You set your Heating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) to a comfortable temperature set point. The job of the HVAC is to maintain that temperature. If the filter you are using restricts the air flow, it takes longer for the HVAC to get the temperature back to the set point each time it starts up. The result is a less comfortable temperature and higher energy consumption.  Our filters have up to 30% less pressure loss than typical pleated filters. That means that you have 30%+ more flow when the HVAC is trying to reach its setpoint. Below find a simple calculation of how much you could save in energy using our filters. Your filters may be essentially free just from the savings alone.


A typical HVAC system has three motors associated with each system. The motors are for the outside unit blower, the outside unit compressor, and the inside unit air handling blower. The combined energy usage of these components averages approximately 200 kWh.

This usage is based on a pleated filter that has an initial differential pressure of 0.5 INWC (inches water column) when the filter is clean and 1.0 INWC when the filter is dirty. If you install a filter that cleans just as well as the pleated filter but has 70%f of the differential pressure like our filters do, then the savings would be calculated as follows:

A/C Energy Cost with Typical Pleated filter =200 kWh/ton/month x .10 $/kWh= $20.00/ton of A/C

A/C Energy Cost with the FilterFresh Filter= 140 kWh/ton/month x .10 $/kWh= $14.00/ton of A/C

A typical house has at least a 3 ton unit to heat and cool the house. A system using the FilterFresh Air Filter will save approximately $6.00 per ton of A/C.  Therefore a typical house will save $18.00/month versus the typical pleated filter   These numbers are very conservative as most houses are paying more per kWh for electricity.

Zero Bypass- If you look closely at all of the other filters in the big box stores, you will notice that the filter has a cardboard frame around it. This frame serves the purpose of supporting the filter material. DID YOU KNOW that as much as 30% of your air can go around this frame (bypass the filter) because it is rigid and does not form a seal in your filter housing. That means that a significant amount of your air goes unfiltered. FilterFresh Air Filters has an ingenious sealing edge called a “selvedge edge” This forces 100% of the air to be filtered. Dirty air can not bypass our filters.

Fiberglass Free- YOU MIGHT BE THINKING what’s the big deal with fiberglass free filters? Few people know that the majority of the big box filters are made with fiberglass fibers. When air flow passes across them , the edges flex and fibrate and breakoff and enter your homes living area. Fiberglass is very harmful to your lungs. How ironic is it that the very item you use to clean your air can contribute to air quality issues. We have solved this problem once and for all. FilterFresh Air Filters are made of 100% DACRON, a durable and moisture resistant material that will not crack and break like fiberglass.

Cleaner, Safer Home- FilterFresh Air Filters are optionally treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield a treatment that helps eliminate bacteria and mold forming microbes. The unique AEGIS Microbe Shield is a fabric enhancement that gives the treated surface active antibacterial action. The germ-killing action is the result of a micro polymer coating, which mechanically destroys bacteria, mold, fungus and their allergens on contact. AEGIS contains no chemicals, is not consumed by microorganisms, and remains effective for the life of the product. This treatment is a very inexpensive option to enhance the health of your home.

Subscription Service (Original)- We are the original filter subscription service (since 2008). We would love to have you as a customer and we will take all of the hassle out of keeping your air clean and your HVAC running at its maximum efficiency. Remember that our filters are guaranteed to last a full three months while allowing your HVAC to run clean and efficiently. Because your filters will last a full three months and because using our filters saves you in energy cost, the savings alone almost pay for your filters. Just leave the filters to us, we will remember when to send your filters and we will remember which sizes you have. All you have to do is install them once they arrive at your door.